Pigeon House Feasibility
24 May 2017

Pigeon House

We recently completed an exciting study for the reuse of the Pigeon House on the Poolbeg Peninsula. Extending over 20,000 sqm, the facility is conceived as a mixed use tech work place inspired by the minimally partitioned spaces of the garage and the factory that will accommodate the mixing of disciplines, of work performed out in the open and of transition zones like hallways and staircases for productive run ins.  An industrial look will prevail and users are more likely to find a garage door or a 3D printer than traditional office space or closed off meeting rooms. The central atrium will act as a great social distiller for peers to meet where space and furniture is flexible ranging from tiered seating to sofas, café chairs to privacy booths. Staircases and halls are wide and day lit, encouraging dwell time for creative collision. The need to move from workspace to communal space or going for a coffee at the centralised café provides breaks for the mind to wander. The range of space on offer allows for the different types of thinking required for creative innovation from big interactive spaces for expansive thinking to small spaces for box thinking.