Collision: Art Exhibition at the Law Society
22 Dec 2017

We are delighted to see art and law collide at a new pop up exhibition by SO Fine Art featuring new artwork from largely young, up-and-coming artists based in Ireland, displayed in some of our recent projects for the Law Society of Ireland. 

Our client TP Kennedy, Director of Education at the Law Society, was one of the key drivers in bringing the exhibition to Blackhall Place.

“Blackhall Place is a vibrant educational setting in an historic location. The youth, enthusiasm and vibrancy brought to these buildings by the hundreds of trainees who pass through our doors every year creates a life beyond the law,” said TP.

“And it is this angle of youth, and this collision of professions, that makes this a special exhibition. These artists are starting out in their chosen careers, as are our trainees. We see the synergy between peers, heading down different paths in life, but appreciating each other’s skills and talents.”

“Many thousands of students, solicitors and other professionals will admire this artwork throughout the year, and we have also allocated public access times to share the exhibition with the wider community.”